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Happy New Year, folks!

I’ve undertaken a challenge to myself to redefine and focus in on my blogging goals for this new year. Part of that will be going through WordPress.com’s “Blogging 101” course through January 22. Not every day’s assignment is getting a post out . . . it’s more of a challenge to step back and look at the big picture of why I have a blog and analyze what I want to accomplish with it in the near future. And that will include a mix of blogging and fine-tuning the behind-the-scenes aspects of my blog and the blogging community.

I think this challenge will be a profitable and clarifying time for me as I focus on my blogging goals and aspirations for this upcoming year, and help you, as my readers, to see where my aim is and have a clearer idea of what this is all about.

I want to start out by outlining my aspirations and hopes for this little corner of the internet.

Here is my long-standing blogging dream: I would love for my blog to be a place where I can share my personal and unique perspective on life with the results of cultivating my own heart and mind, both mentally and spiritually, while also inspiring and stimulating my readers to reach higher in all areas of their lives and to take hold of their divinely-appointed purpose.

That’s a high goal. And I’m pretty sure I won’t attain that without some degree of difficulty. But knowing my goal, and writing it out in plain and simple terms is a great way of focusing my attention and motivating me to actually reach it.

I have a feeling that my blog purpose/mission will adapt and evolve over time, so don’t get stuck with a rigid idea of what will happen here. While it is beneficial to have a general idea of my blogging goals, I still want to be flexible and free to go with the flow and follow whatever God is doing in my heart and mind.

I would love to hear any thoughts or suggestions about my blog and goals, so please feel free to comment!

God bless you all in the new year!