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Photo Credit: myheartbelongstochrist | tumblr

Photo Credit: myheartbelongstochrist | tumblr

January 22nd. The end of the month is just 9 days away. Whether you realize it or not, we are already almost one-twelfth finished with this year, and it didn’t feel like it took that long at all, did it? It certainly didn’t for me. And the rest of the year is going to pass just as quickly.

I’ve been busy today and recent days thinking about stuff like what I’m going to be doing this summer, and that it’s my family’s dog’s birthday today, and that I really should clean out my closet, and trying to figure out the science of relationships (and failing miserably), and then all of a sudden I realized it.

This year is going by faster than last year. Faster than I ever imagined it could.

And what have I really done so far that’s worth mentioning? What have I done to further God’s kingdom here on earth? How have I impacted the lives around me? What have I done to cultivate and invest in my relationships with my family members? I hate to say it, but there are far fewer qualifying accomplishments in my life than I’d like.

Time passes so much more quickly than I really think. It’s so easy to let the moments slip by without really living. I can spend hours and days and weeks dreaming and planning my future out like clockwork, but then six months later I wake up and look back – and how much of that has actually come to pass? And how much of that time did I spend only planning things out instead of living them?

I hate the feeling of wasted time, of looking deep into my life and realizing that so much of what I’ve spent my time doing was useless. Just vanity and emptiness. I truly empathize with you, Solomon.

You’d think that feeling of regret would be enough to make me turn around and never waste another moment of my life; and yet, why is it so easy to see my mistakes, endeavor to change, and, a short time later, find myself wasting my time again?

I’ll tell you this, the pull of the world and the lies of the devil are so much stronger than we want to admit. That’s why an alcoholic or a drug addict or anyone struggling to be free from something is never going to get very far in their own strength. That’s why I’m never going to truly make something of my life, never wasting another moment of my life, in my own strength.

I have to have outside assistance. Who’s the only one strong enough to take a messed-up, full-of-regrets, up-to-this-point wasted life, and transform it into a life of purpose and hope and joy and peace? And how do I get to that point where He is the one leading and moving in every moment of my life so that it becomes a life of purpose and hope and joy and peace?

It is only by spending time with Him, instead of with Instagram; letting Him fill my heart with His plans and purposes, instead of Pinterest; saturating my mind with His words and truth instead of the world’s self-centered emptiness and the devil’s lies.

And how do I make that happen? Well, there’s definitely got to be a shift in priorities.

Yes, it’s hard to do, I know it from experience. But it is all worth it. With God in the forefront, life is never a waste.

Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.

                                                Matthew 11:28-30



P.S. And now I am telling myself to go and take my own advice. ‘Cause I so don’t have this together. S-o-o-o-o . . . don’t . . .

I’m thankful that I have a merciful and mighty God.


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