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Signs you might be a booklover | A Writer's Reflections

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I love books. To anyone who knows me even a little, that shouldn’t be a surprise. I’ve been a fan as long as I can remember.

Lots of people like to read, but what many don’t know is that liking to read and loving books are two starkly different cases. In fact, for true booklovers there are often a series of ominous–er, delightful–signs that confirm that you are truly that–an honest-to-goodness booklover (aka bookworm, and if you want to get technical, bibliophile).

Whether your spell check likes it or not, a “booklover” is a real thing. Look it up on dictionary.com; it’s there. Although I might add that their definition, “a person who enjoys reading books,” is far from coming close to encapsulating all the weird and wonderful aspects that comprise being a booklover. It’s much more than merely an adjective or a personality trait.

Don’t worry, though, these signs are not to be feared. They are a natural part of this wonderful world of books, and should be embraced and cultivated. Of course, some have it worse more extensively than others, but typically, any booklover will be able to relate to a good many of these signs.

You starting to think I’m crazy yet? Well then, you must be an anti-booklover. And I’d advise you to just abandon this post before you really start thinking I’m crazy.

For you fellow booklovers and curious bystanders, feel free to read on.

21 Signs That You Might Be A Booklover

1. Whenever you visit someone’s house, you are drawn to their bookshelves like a force of nature.

2. You treasure the very first time you read a good book–because once you read it, there can never be a first time EVER. AGAIN.

3. You can never visit a bookstore without buying at least one book (and more likely 3 or 4).

4. You have stacks of books on the floor around your room that won’t fit in your bookcase(s).

5. Your family always buys you books for birthday or Christmas gifts.

6. You make sure to buy purses that are big enough to fit several books, and,

7. You never go anywhere without at least two books with you–never just one, because you might finish that one while you’re out, and then you’d have nothing to read–a horrible predicament–so you always bring two (or your kindle–I have 300+ books on there).

8. Even if you do bring your kindle that has 300+ books on it with you, you still bring a real hard copy book, because you never know when your kindle battery might die on you.

9. Your to-read list is pretty much useless because there are just too many books on it to even try to wade through.

10. One of your favorite scents of all time is the smell of books.

11. Two of your favorite places in the world are bookstores and libraries.

12. Your books are higher on your list of things to protect in a rainstorm than your hair or your purse.

13. One of your goals in life is to have your own personal library in your home when you have your own house someday.

14. The only thing better than a box of new books is a box of old books.

15. Being able to read a good book in silence with no distractions makes it a very good day for you.

16.  One of your dream jobs is to work in a library or bookstore.

17. It’s almost impossible for you to actually get any cleaning done in your room because you can’t shut out the pleading calls of the books scattered around the room.

18. You still get upset thinking about the Library of Alexandria. (That might be a sign of being a history lover, too.)

19. At least 90% of what you buy from Amazon is books.

20. You don’t like watching the movie before you read the book because you like to be able to have your own imagination of the characters and settings, and because, well duh, if you watch the movie first, you’ll know how the book ends, and how fun is that??

21. There is no such thing as too many books; there is only not enough space on your shelves.


Well, there you have it, twenty-one signs that you might be a booklover. This list is pretty much written from personal experience…

Yeah, I think I just might be a booklover.

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