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Leap Day and the Reality of Time | A Writer's Reflections

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I thought that today, being Leap Day, was just too good of an opportunity not to post something interesting. It’s a rare, once-in-a-blue-moon happening, although I sort of feel bad for the thousands of babies that will be born today, as well as the many unsuspecting guys who will be proposed to by their girlfriends.

Leap Year has always been sort of fascinating to me. I mean, we can actually give ourselves 24 extra hours than we normally would have in a year?? How cool is that!? Why don’t we do that more often? I know there is a specific reason for it, but it’s still interesting to me.

You know, if you really think about it, we aren’t actually getting any “extra” time. Pretty much all we’re doing is just switching the labels on the days. It’s a nice illusion, though.

However, technically, yes; as far as our social existence and daily life go, we are kind of getting an extra day on the calendar. So that made me do some thinking.

What am I going to do to make this extra day worth while? People always wish that they could have 26-hour days, because there just don’t seem to be enough hours in the day to do everything we want to do.

Well, guess what? Here it is, a whole bonus 24 hours, just plopped right into our laps. So what are we going to do with it?

So far, I’ve made an important phone call, finished editing pictures for a client, started uploading them to an online album, gone for a walk in this amazing spring-like weather, eaten lunch, and written a to-do list for the rest of the day. I also prayed this morning for God’s wisdom and leading to help me make this day the most productive it can be. Oh, and I’m also writing this post.

I think that’s a good start, but I don’t want to stop there.

I feel super motivated today to do my best at making every moment count. That’s awesome, but it also makes me wonder, Why am I not like this every day?

Every day, not just February 29th on Leap Year, is a special gift to me; twenty-four hours on loan by God for me to do whatever I wish with it. Time itself is a gift to mankind, something to help our existence have structure and organization. Even though God doesn’t need it, it sure comes in handy down here. And it’s something we should treasure and prioritize carefully.

Every ordinary day, every twenty-four hours, is just as valuable as a so-called bonus twenty-four hours that comes every four years. Because, to God, they’re all the same, each hour is no different from the next. He cares about how I spend my time no matter what label I might put on it.

So this Leap Day, I’m going to do my best at making the minutes count for something important, but I want to transfer that into my daily, ordinary life and make every minute of every day count.




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