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I love good quotes and sayings. Something about being able to pack a lot of meaning into just a few words–it’s sort of like an energy drink for the mind. Wouldn’t you like a weekly energy boost to your mind? Yes, I thought as much. So I’m going to start a weekly featured quote post in which I will highlight one of the quotes from my “My Favorite Quotes” page for you to read and mull over. And then I may or may not add a short personal reflection or commentary about that particular quote.

This week’s quote is by C.S. Lewis:

He died not for men, but for each man. If each man had been the only man made, He would have done no less.

As you browse my quote collection, you’ll probably start to get the idea that I’m kind of a fan of C.S. Lewis. I love his perspective on the Christian life, and he just has a unique way with words that I admire a lot.

This particular quote of his is just mind-staggering to muse on. I’ve given the concept quite a bit of thought in the past, but I can never completely wrap my mind around it. When I get sort of close enough to almost take it in, it just wows me so much that I have to stand back and let my mind take another breath. Sort of like what happens when I try to comprehend the meaning of eternity. Except that one’s even worse on my little brain.

But really…Jesus loves me, me, little insignificant me–that much that He would have died for only me? That also means that even if He still had created billions of people on the earth, but I was the only person to accept His gift of salvation, He still would have died for me.

That thought really causes one to rethink the whole idea of love. If that’s what true love is, then we poor humans really miss it by a long shot. And if that’s true of God’s love for me, then I want to spend all of eternity giving my entire being to Him. Because how can I ever repay a love like that?


Join the conversation and add your own personal reaction to this week’s quote–I’d love to read it!