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There is nothing like a dream to create the future.

~ Victor Hugo

Without a vision, people lose sight of their purpose in life. They lose their determination, courage, their will to fight for freedom. A dream is the seed to a hope, a starting point for belief, an idea that fuels the future.

“Without a vision, the people perish” (Proverbs 29:18, paraphrased).

The life of a people is in their dreams and aspirations for the future, and that life is empowered ten-fold when those dreams and aspirations are divinely-inspired. After all, God did create us with the capacity to dream, imagine, create, and hope for a reason. He knew how powerful an idea in the mind of a man would be. So powerful, in fact, that He used that capacity to dream and envision as the primary way to inspire His written word in the hearts of the many biblical authors.

Your imagination is a potent force for doing great things, especially when under the guidance of the Divine Creator and Author of your life! He wants us to dream, imagine, aspire, create. Faith and belief in something literally creates the substance of that faith. It is the concrete evidence of what was previously unseen or unable to materialize.

So let yourself dream and find hope for your future as you seek His guidance in your life. Don’t suppress or dismiss your natural-born desires and dreams as being impossible or silly or impractical. God intentionally implanted within you the desires and dreams that you have, and if you are seeking after Him with all your heart, He will use them significantly as He enacts His unique purpose for your life.


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