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Our two weeks of staff training are over and our first horsemanship campers have come in this week. So technically we all are now seasoned and experienced camp staff, right? Umm, not really. At least I don’t feel totally prepared. And I’m sure the three counselors who are counseling this week don’t feel ready, either. But we’re going into it, ready or not. And really, it doesn’t matter so much if we don’t feel ready. It’s not us who will be impacting the campers’ lives–it’s God working through us. We need to go into ministry with a humble trust in God to use us as His instruments and have faith that the Holy Spirit will be doing all the work, not us. We just need to have willing and open hearts, submitted fully to God, and He will do amazing things.

God is always only good. This is the theme of the staff girls’ singing special. The words are so good and a great reminder that God has the best in mind for each of us, even if we don’t see it at the time. “Though my eyes can’t see, help my heart believe you are always only good.”

God is so awesome in how He works out His plan for people. Last Friday night all the counselors and some other staff got together for a fun night and part of the night was testimony time for us to give testimonies about how we came to work at camp this summer. There were so many amazing stories about how God worked it out for everyone to come, even when it looked impossible, and how God made His will so clear through different ways.

Apparently I have a very suspicious face and can never be trusted while playing Resistance (or Mafia).  I don’t know what makes everyone think that, but maybe it’s because I look too sweet and innocent that I can’t possibly really be that innocent.

Running sound for a service is both scary and cool. It’s a big responsibility to be in charge of the sound and lights and all that stuff, and that makes me nervous. If I make a mistake, everyone will know it. But at the same time, I feel pretty powerful–it’s sort of a cool thought that I am the one making all the mics and TVs work. If I do my job right, that is.

New cameras are awesome. For a photographer, there are few things more exciting than getting to try out new equipment and cameras. This summer I am privileged to be able to use a brand new Canon Rebel T5i with an 18-55mm lens, 75-300mm telephoto lens, and a 50mm prime lens (haven’t tried the last one yet). It makes my job here all the more fun when I have cool stuff to use.

Forging true and long-lasting friendships is hard, but worth it. Making new friends has never been easy for me, so when I’m meeting a lot of new people and starting to form relationships, I’m very hesitant to embrace a friendship fully. But when I do find that someone that I click with and who is worth the extra energy and time, I treasure that friendship a lot.

That’s all for this post, but new memories are constantly in the making here at camp. One of our horsemanship campers made a profession of salvation today, which is really exciting. I’m looking forward to seeing what else God will do during the rest of this week.