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1. Because you can pick them up and take them with you anywhere.

Books are usually small and compact and can fit into a purse, bag, or even a pocket in some cases; movies are . . . well, much more complicated to transport, watch, and enjoy (though with hand-held devices and the rising movie streaming services, that might not be much of an issue anymore).

2. You can take bathroom breaks and not have to really take a break from the story (because you’re taking the book with you, of course).

3. Because in my mind, there’s always a tiniest part in the back of it that knows that the characters in the movie are really just actors playing the part.

In books, there’s no possibility of that even entering my mind–I know that the characters in that book I’m reading about and seeing in my mind are as real as they can be.

4. When you find a really exceptional book, the story you read transforms from words into moving pictures in your mind–

–you’re essentially watching a movie in your head, which you can take with you anywhere you want.

5. Books allow for so much more detail and important information to the story, and open windows of insight into the characters’ minds and thoughts that is not feasible to put in a movie.

TV/movie adaptations of books are usually missing like at least a quarter or a third of the book.

6. Reading is great exercise for your brain, it improves your mind, it broadens your perspective of people and the world, and it makes you live longer.

Watching excessive movies/TV, on the other hand, alters brain structure, stagnates your normal mental processes, and contributes to a number of behavioral, psychological, and physical detriments, such as antisocial behavior, depression, and diabetes.

7. Books have an incredible amount of history and legacy attached to them.

Nothing can really replace the hundreds of years worth of books and knowledge that exists in our world; they are truly something to treasure and preserve.

8. When you buy and read a book, you are supporting one of the many struggling and dedicated authors out there that depend on your patronage to effectively get their work out and change the world with their ideas (let’s face it: the movie industry doesn’t really need our help).


Hey, so just in case you are thinking that I have something against movies and TV, let me make a clarification: I enjoy movies and shows just as much as the next girl. I have a good-sized list of favorites and I indulge in fun movie-watching sessions (probably too much). Movies definitely have their place, but books are just different, in an incredible, life-changing way.

Books are one of God’s greatest gifts to mankind, and there’s nothing really quite like them.

If you are a fellow booklover, then high-five to you, and keep on spreading the word about the wonderful world of reading! If you’re not much of a booklover, then I hope that maybe this list has sparked your interest in trying one out again.


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