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“Wherever God has put you, that is your vocation. It is not what we do, but how much love we put into it.”

~ Mother Teresa

Recently I’ve been struggling with knowing what it is God wants me to be and do. I haven’t been feeling particularly useful or that my daily life is ultimately worth while in the situation I am in currently.

But maybe I am looking at it all wrong. Even if at this moment I am unable to accomplish my ultimate life’s calling, or whatever it may be that I believe will cause me to be utterly fulfilled and content in life, I can still be fulfilled and content where I am.

Because wherever I am, God has placed me in the midst of countless people who need to be loved, lives that need change and transformation, people and circumstances that are constantly moving to effect necessary change and transformation in my own life that might not occur if I were anywhere else at this moment.

What you do is amplified by how you do it. So right now, I need to focus on not what I’m doing, or what I wish I was doing, but how much love I am letting flow out of my heart into what I’m doing.


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