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Happy New Year to all my amazing readers!

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for every single one of you who have supported my blog even a little bit through your views, likes, comments, and sharing. I know this sounds cliche (and it is), but the reality is that I couldn’t do this without you. I mean, I could, but then all my blog would be is a sort of online journal; therapeutic and enjoyable to myself, yes, but not the inspirational sharing platform that I really want it to be. I love being able to spread my thoughts around to anyone who will listen (even though it is a leap of faith for me); it makes me feel like I have a legitimate role in helping to change the world for the better.

2017 was an amazing and life-changing year in so many ways. I started a new job as a library aide at my local library, and I also began tutoring as a volunteer with the library literacy program. I traveled outside of the US for the first time and visited some incredible places in Europe with my sister, and met some of the most amazing people on the face of the earth. Then a little later I took a super fun road trip through New England with those same amazing people. I experienced many truly wonderful times with family and friends.

Those are just a few of the highlights. Overall, this past year has been one of personal and spiritual growth and learning; I’ve taken more chances and stepped outside of my comfort zone more than ever before. I’ve built up and strengthened my core of friends and family, those special people in my life that have helped make me who I am and who are the true nonexpendables in my life.

God has done some really awesome things this past year. And now, here’s to 2018 and all it will bring!