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I was reading this article on 17 reasons why it stinks to be single or something like that, and it set me to thinking. What’s the worst thing for me about being single? So I started thinking, and I really couldn’t think of anything that horrible about my singleness. Actually, I can think of way more reasons why it would stink to not be single.

I guess one thing that makes me sad about being single is the thought that the longer I’m single, the older I’m getting. But really, I’m going to get older at the same rate whether or not I’m single, so…

Okay, if I really start thinking about it, or reading other people’s teary-eyed lamentations on how bad it feels to be single or how you’re missing out on your future person’s life, then I will start to feel down and sorry for myself.

But honestly, most days I’m really content and satisfied in my singleness. Maybe too content; stuck in my rut. Maybe I do need something like a relationship to change things up in my world. But that would mean that I’d have to start planning my schedule around someone else’s (gasp!) or I might have to start getting myself all fancied up (i.e. no more pajama days) (double gasp), or my sacred reading times might be interrupted repeatedly… (triple ga–never mind, I think I’ve run out of air)

In short, it would be kind of an inconvenience.

So here are 10 reasons to embrace your singleness (I’m sure there are more good reasons, but these are just a few of them).

1. There’s nothing like independence. You don’t have to plan your days and schedules to match with another person’s. You can go where you want to go, when you want to go, and stay as long as you want to stay. You can change your mind at the last-minute with no serious repercussions (usually).

2. You have time to focus on the ultimate relationship–with God. Once you have someone else to be concerned about, that singleness of mind on God will be suddenly struggling against many new distractions.

3. You can spend all day reading if you want without worrying about whether your person thinks you’re ignoring them or if you should be checking up on them.

4. You will be able to function and make decisions in a logical, thoughtful, planned out manner without the potential of losing your rational mind over the other person.

5. You’ll save money. Just think about all the money you’re going to spend on yourself and your significant other once you really get going. Clothes, accessories, food, gas, phone bills, gifts, a ring, a hundred other random things.

6. You can travel and see the world largely uninhibited. Not that you can’t do that with someone else, but there is nothing quite like the ability to just pick up and go whenever you feel like it.

7. The ice cream is all yours. As are the double-stuffed Oreos, the dark chocolate, and the bagel bites. No need to share.

8. Can anything compare to a drama-free life? Well, maybe a few things, but not many. Every time my attention is drawn to the sticky emotional and mental drama that usually comes with a relationship, I cringe and am reminded again why being single is so nice. Now that doesn’t mean I don’t think true love is worth the work and effort. When it comes time, I will put my whole heart and soul into making that relationship work; but for now, it’s just nice to be able to avoid the drama.

9. You don’t have to deal with the pressure to impress or to be different/better than you are. It shouldn’t be that way anyway, but when you’re in a relationship there is often that subconscious push that is hard to ignore.

10. You have the freedom to focus your time and energy on your personal development, on who you truly are as an individual and on cultivating the best traits and qualities of yourself. This is the time to pour yourself into your education, or into building your career, into growing into the confident, fulfilled person that God made you to be–basically becoming the best version of yourself.


Singleness is something that is often belittled and deprecated as a pitiful situation to put behind us as soon as possible; but it’s my opinion that singleness is actually a valuable stage in life that can be full of meaning and purpose, and it’s not something to waste.


What do you think? Do you agree with my advantages to being single, or do you think I’m just burying my head in the sand and that having a relationship is way better than being single? Any other good reasons to embrace your singleness? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks for reading!