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Recently while browsing some of my old posts I ran across this one–“21 Signs That You Might Be a Booklover.” I can’t help but laugh every time I read it because, no matter how strange they may seem, every single one of those signs are just so true. If you also identify as a bibliophile, then you know what I mean.

That was such a fun post to write and is also one of my most-viewed posts, so I thought I would publish a part 2 follow-up to my first post with 21 More Signs That You Might Be a Booklover.

Here they are:

1. You go through withdrawals when you finish a series, or when you forget to bring a book somewhere with you.

2. One of your top requirements for a potential mate is that they also love books and reading with the same enthusiasm as you.

3. Your ears perk up every time you catch a conversation about books, especially when it’s about one of your favorites.

4. Your idea of a romantic date is eating dinner in a cozy cafe while reading and/or discussing your favorite books then visiting the library or a used bookshop.

5. You feel like you have to defend yourself and books whenever you meet someone who doesn’t like to read. Either that or knock some sense into them somehow.

6. (If you’re messy and unorganized like me) Your books are so well-traveled and so familiar with the inside of your purse that they often get bent, ragged, and adorned with sticky food residue–totally unintentional on your part, but pretty much the fate of the books once you picked them up off the shelf. (Except for library books, hopefully.)

7. When you’re in the middle of an amazing book or series, the thought of it ending is initially devastating. [Cue #1]

8. Your passion for books and reading is so special to you and you guard it so carefully that you don’t flippantly talk about it with just anyone; it has to be the right person at the right time in the right circumstances. It’s like revealing a huge part of who you are, and that does not happen with just anybody.

9. You take great pride in your book collection; sometimes you just stare lovingly at your bookshelves because it’s such a beautiful sight.

10. You’ve been known many times to stay up reading until alarming hours of the night . . . or the next morning, but it’s always worth the lack of sleep.

11. Friends or acquaintances who previously thought you to be one of few words or simply shy are astonished out of their minds when somehow the floodgates of your mouth are released after they happen to casually mention or ask you something about books.

12. For singles: you’ve pretty much only ever met your ideal amazing guy or girl in a book. Yep, unfortunately, the best guys are almost always fictional.

13. You hear people say, “That book was so good I read it in two days–I can’t remember the last time I actually read a book in two days,” and you laugh because you can’t remember the last time you didn’t finish a book in less than a few days.

14. You know you’re a total bookworm if you confuse your real memories with scenes and events from books you’ve read.

“Wait a minute, did that really happen, or am I picturing that one scene from [such-and-such book]?”

15. You’d much rather stay in and read in the evenings than go out to parties or movies like most other people.

16. You sneak books into your workplace and find every available opportunity to take a peek into them for a few minutes.

17. One of your favorite pastimes is looking up good books to add to your to-read list (especially free kindle books).

18. Your top sightseeing priority when planning out a trip is checking out the local libraries or book shops.

19. You decorate your home with books and book paraphernalia.

20. One of your biggest pet peeves is when people interrupt you multiple times while you’re in the middle of reading a good book (unintentional or not). I mean, does it look like I’m just sitting here waiting for someone to talk to me and I’m only reading because I have nothing else to do?

21. You often try to read a book in one or two sittings if possible because the lack of interruptions makes the story and characters feel so much more alive and interconnected.


If by now you are feeling sort of lost and/or thinking that maybe I’m missing a few marbles, that’s ok. Being a booklover isn’t for everyone. We’re pretty far and few between. (And fyi, we’re not crazy.)

If you are thinking, Wow, someone else actually feels the same way, then welcome to the booklover club. It’s a wonderful place to be.


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