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The Mighty Redwoods

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

In case you haven’t noticed, I really like Emerson. He had a lot of really poignant and apropos things to say about life and society. The observation he makes in the above quote is no exception.

Isn’t that one of the truest things about our modern culture? Have you noticed how difficult it is these days to be valued for who you are, as a unique and special individual?

Our society is constantly promoting a single ideal personality or body type or lifestyle. In a world of extreme diversity, we are strangely pushed and pressured to be like the current celebrities and trend-setters, or else we aren’t generally cool or accepted. Even within the myriad of diverse cultures, groups, styles, and types abounding in our society, it is still a chore to break out of the standard mold or expectations of any particular group and be your own person.

It’s even a harder battle for those who follow God. We are not only attempting to find our unique personalities and identities as we live our lives, but also we have the added difficulty of being true to ourselves and who God made us to be.

It’s also easy to think that we’ve figured out who we are, but in reality we might just be seeing ourselves through the inaccurate lens of our family, friends, culture, education, or career. Maybe we’re just trying to be who we think we should be or who they think we are or should be, based on the group we are currently with.

But when you strip away all of that, all of the external things and people, who are you, really?

Who am I, apart from everything else?

The answer can only be found when you discover where you came from and who created you.

And when you find your identity in your Creator, the rest of you–who you are, your identity in life, your purpose–will all fall into place.


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